Easy Usage

QAD are enterprise applications that can be quickly implemented and can be learned easily. Flexible workflows and automation capabilities help users to become faster and more efficiently.

Process Modelling

QAD offers a package that includes a set of process examples produces of the best industrial practices.These processes that can be different for each company can be changed easly .

User Experience (UX)


QAD software and services contains different combinations which are applied worldwide. Your company can meet local requirements with product no matter America, Chine, Turkiye.

Deployment Independence

QAD Enterprise Applications offers services cloud, on-premise or blended to serve the interests of each customer's unique IT and business requirements.

QAD Enterprise Applications is a fully package that include designed software solutions in order to meet needs of a new generation software users and manufacturing companies in worldwide.

You can make elimination or general ledger consolidation that include multiple units and companies with ability of shared services that comes with QAD Enterprise Applications.

You can consolidate different account plans with matching capabilities of improved account plan and follow each of accounting process in order to fulfill mandayory criterias about accounting controls from original source until its over.

it does not needed to import or export data to consolidate financial results that recorded using different currency and different chart of accounts of companies in different domains

QAD solutions supports hierarchical reporting and allows you to make multiple or partial consolidations.



Life Sciences

Industrial Products

High Tech

Consumer Products

Food & Beverage

In 2011, CSA Business Software and Consulting was founded for take aim at running QAD operations successfully in Turkey. At this point, CSA improved its service quality to top for customer satisfaction with creating trained consultants and company owners who have great experience at customer projects for years. Our innovative goal is offering innovative changes come up by technological and industrial practices most effectively to customers who are using QAD already or will be use in future while we are giving best software and consulting service as always.




Software Development

Manufacturing by QAD

Pam and Karl

QAD Customer : Nexteer

Kendra Scott Using Cloud ERP

QAD Explore

Events & Photos

Explore 2018 Dallas

We attended QAD Explore 2018 in Dallas.  Customers, sponsors and QAD experts came together for a week of informative sessions, hands-on training and stimulating discussions on where QAD is going and the future of manufacturing ERP.

Explore 2017 Detroit

We attended QAD Explore 2017 with IT directors of our customers Ermetal and Konveyör. Also we visited QAD Corporate HQ with Cekya customers and partners.


We look forward to your participation in Dallas 2018.


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