A common challenge in all organizations is knowledge/skills attrition. Over time, personnel change roles, leave the organization or just forget critical capabilities. At QAD, we focus on helping our customers to maintain peak system effectiveness through online training. We deliver a comprehensive range of online training, complete with a Learning Management System to track user completion. Additionally we have a schedule of classroom training events around the word, and can schedule bespoke training for our customers.

All of our training can be harnessed by conducting a Learning Q-Scan. A Learning Q-Scan is a predefined consulting engagement in which QAD Consulting assesses the gap between your users’ skills and the required skills, defines a learning path, and loads it into the online QAD Learning Management System. The Learning Management System and access to online training are part of QAD’s support program and require no fee for customers on current maintenance contracts. QAD offers a variety of convenient, accessible and affordable training options.

Online courses: The Learning Center supports more than 50 online courses about QAD products and industry concepts, available at no charge to customers who are active on QAD Support.

Classroom training: Attend instructor-led courses that offer focused attention, hands-on exercises and knowledge transfer from subject matter experts.

Certification programs: Validate user’s knowledge and mastery of QAD product functionality through product exams.

Custom courses: Request tailored training on site, to meet specific company needs and business processes, scheduled right when required.


QAD Learning Center


The QAD Learning Center is the one-stop destination for all QAD courses and training materials.

  • View training recommendations by job role
  • Peruse online resources to view the latest training guides
  • Connect to virtual training environments to work directly with QAD Enterprise Applications
  • Learn at your own pace, omitting or repeating activities as desired


QAD Certification Program


The QAD Certification Program provides QAD employees, business alliances and customer teams with a means of certifying the breadth and depth of their product knowledge. This program also assures QAD customers working with QAD certified professionals are getting maximum value from their QAD software.

The QAD Certification Program encompasses a series of Product Knowledge Specialization (PKS) exams, which test knowledge of QAD Enterprise Applications core functionality in distribution, manufacturing, and finance. Each exam takes approximately six hours to complete and consists of two parts. Part I requires hands-on work with QAD Enterprise Applications; Part II does not.

To learn more about the QAD Certification Program, download our Study Guide.


QAD Product Documentation


The QAD Online Support Center provides access to QAD documentation, including user guides, a glossary, release bulletins, and technical references. Access to the QAD Download Center is available to QAD customers with active maintenance and support contracts.