As CSA DANIŞMANLIK VE BİLİŞİM HİZMETLERİ LTD. ŞTİ. in order to have the skills and competencies to; achieve team work globally, improving continuously and contributing to the development of our business partners while developing ourselves, being sensitive to our business, environment and universal values are our core principles.


Keeping the satisfaction of our customers and employees and our reliability at the highest level, providing high quality services with high added value to our customers and adding value to our customers is our common goal with our employees. To achieve this goal, continuous improvement of the quality of service we provide and information security under the guidance of performance and reliability principles, preventing waste and constantly improving our management systems to support them are our prerequisites.


Our common principles that we have determined to reach our goal are:


  • Sustainability: Ensuring that every step we take has long-term benefits
  • Participative Working Environment: Ensuring that goals, decisions and activities are determined by teamwork
  • Open Communication: Establishing trust-based, long-term positive feedback with all our employees and stakeholders
  • Awareness: Providing awareness, knowledge, and ability to protect the quality and information security in our company by constantly training our employees
  • Zero Waste: Doing every job with the perspective of preventing all types of waste
  • Information: Valuing and protecting information
  • Information Security: Establishing structures that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of our information assets
  • Quality Service: Putting the quality service and satisfied customer principle to the forefront, reflecting this condition to all our business processes, and constantly improving it
  • Risk Management: To ensure continuity and reliability, determining the risks that our company and all our stakeholders may face from us and providing the necessary conditions and resources to minimise these risks
  • Legal Compliance: Fulfilling the obligations of Quality Management System and Information Security Management System arising from legal or contractual requirements related to our activities.



Are our Common Principles.


We regard the statements as our most important values, the basis for our respect to our stakeholders and maintaining our sustainability and the commitment of our employees.


General Manager

Gökhan Samuk