Global MMOG/LE
Logistics Capability Evaluation


The automotive industry demands a sophisticated approach to supply chain management. Balancing the changing needs of customers with available resources is no easy task and it is vital that managers know exactly which parts of the logistics process are working properly and which aren’t.

What is MMOG/LE ?


Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is a comprehensive self-assessment required by many OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. MMOG/LE is used to evaluate production and aftermarket/service processes. The assessment also establishes a common definition of supply chain management processes to help organizations:

    • Determine the robustness of existing internal processes
    • Benchmark supply chain operations
    • Facilitate continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction
    • Streamline the flow of information and products throughout all tiers of the supply chain



SOUTHFIELD, Michigan, April 14, 2016 — AIAG has developed and launched a new online e-learning platform for the Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE). The e-learning is available now in English and priced affordably for any size supplier. The course will be available in other languages in the near future.

MMOG/LE is the global standard for supply chain management processes that reduces costs from errors, waste, and workload for suppliers and customers. It provides automakers and their suppliers with a single-assessment tool for a comprehensive evaluation of a supplier’s performance.



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What is in the MMOG/LE Assessment?


MMOG/LE designed to assess your supply chain processes against industry best practice and is contained in an Microsoft Excel document. The chapters of the assessment are as follows:

  •  Strategy and Improvement
  •  Work Organization
  •  Capacity & Production Planning
  •  Customer Interface
  •  Production & Product Control
  •  Supplier Interface


Download MMOG/LE Q-Scan Guide.



QAD is the proven industry leader when it comes to helping organizations achieve MMOG/LE Level A classification. QAD’s unique MMOG/LE tools and solutions ensure your organization is successful in completing your assessment and that your ERP solution aligns with industry best practices.

Learn how QAD supports your MMOG/LE requirements:

  • Member of AIAG/Odette global MMOG/LE work group
  • Member of the AIAG Supply Chain Steering Committee
  • Designated MMOG/LE training provider on behalf of AIAG/Odette in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Eastern Europe
  • QAD Automotive Process Maps
  • QAD MMOG/LE Q-Scan Consultation
  • QAD MMOG/LE Answer Sheet


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